Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Top 10 for this week...

It's time for the new Top 10 most played songs from my iTunes. I know you're excited.


1.TV on The Radio|"Wolf Like Me"

This is the best perfectly written song for rock out right now, both lyrically and musically. There is a reason these Williamsburg, BK artists are number one. "Wolf Like Me" is fantastic, that's why.

2.Lupe Fiasco|"The Instrumental"

My favorite track on Food and Liquor, it tells the story of a latchkey kid through the use of manipulating the word box. Lupe is that good, and he's going to tell you via perspective.

3.The Majestic Twelve|"Break It and Breathe"

TM12 are my favorite new band, and it shows. "Break" gives you a great traditional rock song that immediately makes you love your friends.

4.The Majestic Twelve|"American Rage"
5.The Majestic Twelve|"Thank God Everything on TV is a Lie"
6.The Majestic Twelve|"Are You Ready?"

Yes, TM12 are that good and that listenable.

7.Lupe Fiasco|"I Gotcha"
VA stand up, the 7 Cities are on the record with this Neptunes-produced track. It;s got that spacey bounce, and damn it's good. Lyrically, it's a nice little joint you can bump to.

8.Lupe Fiasco|"He Say She Say"
Mr. FNF tells us a story about a kid who has a lot of talent, but the split his parents are going through is making him disinterested and such. Good songwriting from Chi City, once again.

9.The Majestic Twelve|"Condoleeza, Check My Posse"
Fun with satire and a calmed-down hardcore approach to vocals, sorta. Still good, however.

10.The Roots|"Livin' In a New World"
A quick 1:47 track that tells you to put on your high tops and turn up your boombox. Ah, those days.

The Majestic Twelve are really good, you see.

The Latest Additions to my Library:
Squarepusher-Hello Everything
These Arms Are Snakes-Easter
Golden Shoulders-KIN
Brazilian Girls-Talk to La Bomb
Fugazi-13 Songs



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